You may have heard about those tariffs...

And yes. They'll hurt us and many other small businesses right here in the PNW, not to mention all the others throughout the country or our allies across the sea. These small businesses like ours, brick and mortar shops run by hardworking people who fight the good fight are in short supply already. We're all a little scared, and we need your support.

By shopping small, your dollars directly support the community. It is, after all, through small businesses that cities are built. They are places of service, and beyond that, a home for people to connect. Those common bonds turn to friendships. We're beyond moved by those we've witnessed here in our little store, from 1969 to now. And though we can't predict the future, we can fight this current pickle together.

We're mobilizing as quickly as we can to bring more to the table. Our upcoming events will include wine pairing nights and private tasting packages. We're investing in making part of our store a wine bar. We'll have more information as that evolves.

If you'd like to help:
Spread the word! Shop small. Vote with your dollars.
Follow us on Instagram or like our page on Facebook.

Give the gift of wine this holiday season.


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