Champion Wine Cellars has moved to Greenwood and 85th!
Grand Reopening May 30, 2017.

Dear Wine Friends,

The sale and relocation of our wine shop, Champion Wine Cellars, is nearly complete. Retirement really is near for Emile and Stephanie Ninaud after nurturing the oldest private wine retail shop in Washington State since 1969. We have come a very long way from those early days when Chianti came in straw-covered flasks and our local wine industry was yet pre-natal.

We are proud of our accomplishments over the years, and of having been part of the enlightenment into this new age of wines that are made and shipped in from the world over.

The new owners of Champion Wine Cellars look forward to carrying on our tradition of hands-on, customer-oriented service to their clientele. We would like to introduce Erin and Suthap, who are working hard on readying the new space for business.

Erin Lyman

Erin has been an industry professional for the past two decades. She will assume the operations management of Champion Wine Cellars.

Born in Honolulu, she started working in restaurants in her teens. In need of a change of scenery, she relocated to Seattle in 2005, where she put in time at venues such as Purple Café and Wine Bar, RN74, Zig Zag Café and Café Campagne. During her time at Zig Zag Café, she became the second woman to grace the bar. Renowned as Seattle's go-to craft cocktail establishment, Zig Zag gave Erin invaluable experiences in honing her palate, and in concocting sophisticated, yet balanced potables. She moved from the bar to the linen-tabled world of Café Campagne, where she assumed the role of Wine Director.

Mentored by the café's previous sommelier, Cyril Frechier, she continued in the restaurant's tradition of serving the authentic French experience. In curating this experience, she gained a deep reverence for the history and tradition of the French table, especially the craft of wine and its producers.

Along with her industry experience, Erin has earned certifications from both the Wine and Spirit Education Trust and the Wine Scholar Guild. She has passed these exams with distinction and she is a pinned French Wine Scholar.

Suthap Manivong

Suthap comes from the world of live concerts, event planning and accounting. Suthap is taking charge of the accounting and business handlings of Champion Wine Cellars.

He was raised in Bellevue and went on to graduate from the University of Washington with a Journalism degree. In his formative years, Suthap became involved in the Seattle music scene. He played in various groups and toured throughout the US. When it came time to settle down after college, he took a job with a Capitol Hill music venue, heading their marketing and production department. Through the long nights and hours of nightclub life, he gained an appreciation of meticulous planning, budgeting and interpersonal communication.

After working in clubs for a decade, Suthap did not want to step completely away from the industry. He made a lateral switch from operations to the financial side of the business. He currently works at an accounting firm, managing the daily transactions for 11 different businesses. Handling the concerns for various restaurants, bars and music venues, he works in a systemed, disciplined approach when it comes to business management. Suthap has also gained quite an appreciation for wine and food along the way.

NEW ADDRESS: 8503 Greenwood Avenue N., Seattle, WA 98103
Phone number: 206-284-8306 (same as before)
Email address:

Opening Hours:
Monday: closed
Tuesday: 11-7
Wednesday: 11-7
Thursday: 11-7
Friday: 11-9
Saturday: 11-9
Sunday: 11-5

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